Can I Transport My Triad 750 with Ease?

We are asked by customers how easy is it to transport Triad to the mall or a local trail or to work?? So we thought we would show you.

Meet Stephanie a happy Triad owner for over 2 years. Owns a Prius and has a Triad 750 Super Heavy Duty XL and her man is not always around just when she might need him! She says "who needs a man!" She went to her local Canadian Tire store and purchased a light weight ramp - perfect for her Triad 750 XL. Now she has little limitation on where and when she can go and as for her husband - well let's just say he is never sure where she is now!! Thanks for sharing Steph.

So the ramps are easy to get and align quite well with many vehicles. Bungee cords seem to work well in attaching to prevent slipping.

Oh, sure look who shows up just to line up the Triad!!

So with the folding collapsable handle bar and removable seat and seat post if necessary, it really helps in being able to transport the Triad easily.

Stephanie says that she can turn on her 750 XL put in reverse and it walks along nicely for her to put into the back of the Prius.

A simple solution indeed!