Hi, Thom -


Sorry it took so long to get this picture to you.


Just want you to know that without my Triad SF2, I wouldn't be able to go to all the Saskatchewan Roughrider games.  My husband and I have been season ticket holders for 35 years and now I'll be able to enjoy several more years thanks to my Triad scooter.


Thanks  for helping us out!

CK Sask.

Hi Thom & Stephanie. Really appreciate the great help in getting my Triad SF 2. Been having a blast around home and out camping. KS June 2017

R & K Gibson Sask. Canada Sept 2017

Hi Thom, 
Thanks for checking on your prairie customers, now friends, I hope! And I hope all is well with you. 
Rick takes the machine to the nursing home each week, and both the staff and residents have often stopped to ask him about it. Having something to ride means he can visit more people further into the residences. He can also stay longer, because he has less pain from walking with his walker. That's a joy to himself, the residents and the staff. 
Several times now, we've taken a scwalk (scoot-walk) on a very long accessible gravel pathway near here. It stretches for several kilometres through woods, around ponds and over prairie. We haven't been able to do that since he got ill ten years ago. I'm so grateful - before WND hit, we were hikers, in a genteel, non-sweat-including sort of way. I've missed that tremendously. The Triad has given that back to us. 

June 2017:  Hi Thom, my Triad is working great and it is a real hit here at the camp ground in NS. We are so glad we found TriaCanMobile. Thank you GH  - NS

Hi Thom, thank you for contacting James, and on a weekend too! As I said, your customer service service is beyond excellent! July 2017 -  Kathleen

Hi Thom, Late getting a pic and note 

out to you but here it is. My Triad is working 

well and I have made a holder for my cane. 

Thanks for all the help. 

TW - ON Canada Oct 2017

Sept 2016 - Hi from ON - enjoying my freedom with my Triad - thanks TriCanMobile! RB

Sept 2016 - Hi Thom & Stephanie, wanted you to know I am really enjoying my Triad SF2. It is handling these dirt roads at our cottage really well. It is working great and I can hardly wait until I have it in Florida this year and use it on the pathways there. Thank you very much for you great service and answering all our questions. MG - NB

Aug 2016 - You told us Triad would be fun but until we recieved ours we had no idea how much! Thank you for the recommendation our 750 XL is awesome. GL - ON

Jul 2016 - Stephanie you and Triad have changed things greatly for me. I have a new found freedom and ability that I really felt was lost. The XL is talk of my area and I enjoy sharing the story. SW - NB

Jul 2016 - TriCanMobile so glad that you have brought Triad to Cananda. I have never dealt online for any purchase before this and I will say i was very nervous but you folks really made this easy. Really appreciate being connected to another who ownes a Triad. That conversation helped my decision greatly. And Thom - thanks for being so easy to deal with you took away a lot of fear for me!


Stephanie Williams - NB

Personal Electric Scooter and Vehicles

“If you like to meet men........buy a Triad”


As a person with a degenerative mobility condition, it became clear that I would have to consider a motorized scooter, or become one of life's spectators; not my style!  I browsed the market, looking for something light weight, reliable, and usable inside and out.  My first purchase was a significant disappointment, both in terms of the product and follow up support.  Back to the drawing board but, this time, I had a better understanding of what I needed.  That's when I saw the Triad Electric Vehicle.


I haven't turned back.  In the past year, I have:


  • taken it on (very hilly) hiking trails (much better than being left behind),

  • cruised suspended bridges (to spectators applause),

  • participated in a 15 block city shopping excursion (in downtown Ottawa),

  • shopped a 3 story IKEA store and an outlet mall in1 day, (by myself!)

  • attended trade shows, 2 circuits (and not exhausted afterward)

  • taken camping trips (I can volunteer to go to the canteen without taking the truck),

  • done office errands (without the car)

  • walked the dog (which has been my husband's sole responsibility),

  • won first prize in our local parade (in the bike division) accompanied by our dog

  • finished a day at the zoo with energy to spare AND able to carry gear for others


But, the crown jewel was 7 days in Varadero, Cuba at a resort.  Airports were overcome, not dreaded, and I could manage my own luggage.  I was able to do an excursion to old Havana, which otherwise would have been out of the question.  No worries about forgetting a necessity back at the room because I would have to trouble my husband to walk back for it.  Typically, my stamina would allow 1 day of physical activity resulting in a half day's rest; not this time.  But the unexpected “cherry on top” was its attraction for people.  No matter where I was, people came to talk, old and young (especially men), wanting to understand how it works, how fast and far will it go; I was told by one of the staff it was the talk of the resort.  It made me happy and appreciate what I have.


So, why wouldn't I want to share this “gateway to freedom” with more Canadians?  What better way for a customer to become part of the retail distributorship?  



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