“We liked the Triad 750 electric scooters so much; we wanted to introduce it to Canada!”


We have personally experienced the life changing aspect of Triad's electric scooters (see the testimonial tab).


We have spent the last 35 years helping Canadians apply effective solutions for meeting their individual needs. Our combined abilities include, providing supported health services in numerous communities, working in the Atlantic credit union system bringing financial management solutions to members, as well as, a successful sales background in the insurance industry meeting needs of individuals, families and businesses by creating supportive financial security plans. 

So, collectively we have 35 years of successful entrepreneurial experience and now we apply these same skills to introduce the Triad 750 electric scooters to Canadian individuals and industry to enhance personal life and the industrial work environment. 


We have experience with:

  • improving business efficiency by using time effectively

  • helping reduce individual isolation by improving access to their community

  • working with community members to reduce environmental impacts

  • bringing security and freedom to Canadian lives


We recognize that the Triad 750 electric scooter is a product that addresses many of these concerns and look forward to introducing you to your own Triad 750. Whether it’s for business, personal fun or mobility support, let us introduce you to a “gateway to freedom”!


Our Story

Our Team

Dr. Hugh Williams

For the past 45 years Dr. Hugh Williams has been a committed professional in the fields of community development and human services. His work involves providing support services for individuals and groups who experience a range of physical, social and psychological barriers to employment and participation in their communities. Wanting to do more in this area, in 1998 Dr. Williams and his wife Stephanie opened a private practice which has grown as an operation to a staff of 20 human services practitioners that now serve in excess of 100 individuals and families throughout their region of New Brunswick. 


In 2008 Dr.Williams completed doctoral studies at the Dominican University College in Ottawa receiving his PhD in philosophy. His research has been concentrated in the areas of applied ethics, phenomenology ("trying to understand how the world appears to us") and metaphysics (trying to determine the fundamental notions by which people understand the world). Although his research continues, Dr. Williams completed his doctoral dissertation and has published several articles grounding theory in good practice and guiding practice with good theory. In addition to his research, Dr. Williams has also been engaged part time with University instruction of philosophy.


Dr. Williams has seen first hand how the Triad Electric Scooter for adults has improved the quality of life for his wife and is providing her the ability to continue being very active. The impact of this has moved him to a point where he now puts his experience to work introducing the Triad Scooter products to other Canadians enabling them to also experience a “gateway to freedom”. 

Stephanie Williams

After being diagnosed with a degenerative condition that impairs mobility, Stephanie Williams made the decision to be a full participant in life rather than a spectator.  The Triad Scooter allows her to continue to travel locally and abroad and remains a very active member in her community. Now with her experience and business knowledge Stephanie is well positioned to enhance lives of Canadians through this “gateway to freedom”.


Stephanie grew up on a family farm in New Brunswick, Canada, so understands the value of hard work.  She began employment in the Human Service sector supporting people with disabilities to find meaningful employment in their community.  


After 15 years, she realized these services could meet broader needs, and began studying business, after which she and her husband, Hugh, opened a private practice in 1998 providing community based support services for adults.  This expanded into services for children and families.  Their agency, Metapra Associates Inc., now employs 20 human service practitioners serving 110 people and families in their region of New Brunswick.


Since 1998, Stephanie has successfully collaborated with various provincial and federal government representatives to introduce innovative services to benefit residents of New Brunswick.  These efforts have required strong links with community partners and ability to network among stakeholders.  Along with these endeavors, her attention has been focused on raising children, volunteering as the chair of a local program serving people with mental illness, organist at her church for over 20 years and, when time permits, travelling, whether by air, train or camper.

Thom Williams

Thom is a consultant with Atlantic Central in Halifax Nova Scotia, which is the trade association for the Credit Union Financial Services system in Atlantic Canada. The system currently has assets of $4.5billion dollars and is serving 330,000 Atlantic Canadian members. As part of his responsibilities he provides professional relationship management while serving the needs of the credit unions he directly works with. In addition, he provides support to the Atlantic Credit Unions in areas of strategic planning, change management, training in relationship building methodology as well as consulting support for evolving the credit unions wealth management services. 

Thom has a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie University School of Continuing Education, holds designations as a Change Management Professional (CMP) as well as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) from the Canadian Institute of Chartered Life Underwriters and Chartered Financial Consultants. His varied back ground places him in a strong position for working with individuals and families to find real solutions that help improve their daily lives.

Thom is no stranger to building strong business relationships and serving the needs of customers having spent 27 years in the financial planning and insurance industry as well as the past 10 years in the banking industry with the Atlantic credit union system. As a result, Thom has developed a very keen sense of working from the perspective of his customer’s needs and making appropriate recommendations to help fill those needs. Thom says “introducing Triad Electric Scooters to Canada is a natural progression of continuing to serve the needs of Canadians whether it is for personal pleasure and fun or for more practical reasons of helping people with individual mobility challenges.” 

Kim Williams

Kim has over 26 years of experience working in the financial service sector of the Credit Union System in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Today Kim works for League Savings and Mortgage, in Halifax, which is a credit union owned company.  As managing supervisor, Kim and her team provide professional advice and service within the credit union system for retail mortgage financing and brokerage services.

Kim has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University, a Certificate in Financial Planning (CFP) from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning as well as the designation of Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) from the Mortgage Professionals of Canada. 

With her knowledge and experience Kim has enjoyed many years of helping Canadian families find real and meaningful solutions to their financial needs and provided support & advice through what is, for many, the largest single purchase of life – their home! Kim gets a real joy, which she says is hard to duplicate, when she sees how excited her clients are as they accomplish the dream of owning a home.

Introducing the Triad Electric Scooters to Canada, whether for someone’s personal enjoyment, time saving options for business owners or to help solve an individual mobility challenge, is a natural extension of Kim’s desire to help Canadians find  a unique mobility solution or as we like to call it  “gateway to freedom”.

Thank you to Ashley Ross & Unsplash photo community